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Hi. I’m Melanie at BittySpireLife.com. If you hate realllllllly dislike being “New” at something–anything really, but especially starting your own business, side-hustle, part-time gig, part-time-wanna-be-full-time-gig, etc… then this blog and the bittyspirelife shop are for YOU!

About Me

Working Hard To Provide You
the Best Strategies to Save Time and
Get Results for both Your Personal and Your Business Life.


If you sometimes feel like there is never enough time to get-things-done, welcome! 
Maybe you have shiny-object syndrome (easily distracted) with a side of anxiety……..WELCOME!!

Tips & Strategies

If you want tips, strategies and systems to help organize your day, your house, family……starting your own business, and someone (me) who took tons and tons and tons of very detailed notes every time learning something new related to launching a business/wanting to make extra money, and is planning to share that information ALL with YOU, then I’m your girl.

Whether you’re wanting to set up an online shop to sell printables, learn how to create your own, 
WELCOME! Wanting to instead create and launch an ebook? Fantastic! Welcome!

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