Root Chakra - How To Guide

Root Chakra - How To Guide

A “How To” Guided Workbook and Affirmation Cards to Help Learn More about and Help Balance the Root Chakra

**Note that this product was in the Transforming Lives Bundle by Gabby at A CUP of Zen in November 2022 and if You Purchased That Bundle, You May Already Own This Product

Description of Pages and What is Included:

  • Explanation about the Root Chakra – “Muldahara” and how the Root Chakra is the first of the Chakras, located at the base of your spine.  Balancing the Root Chakra is important as it creates a solid foundation for then working on and working through the remaining chakras.

  • Stability in the Root Chakra relates to basic needs [Think food, water, shelter, and even safety] as well as some of your emotional needs such as letting go of fear.

  • Balancing the Root Chakra can help with ensuring those needs are met so that you can feel safe and grounded.

  • When you are feeling grounded with increased stability, you then feel that you are better equipped to handle the challenges in life that come your way

  • Things that can lead to the Root Chakra Being Blocked

  • Mantras for the Root Chakra

  • Healing Crystals that work well with the Root Chakra

  • 18 Printable Card Deck Cards describing the properties of associated Healing Crystals and related areas for the Root Chakra

  • Workbook pages with Guided Prompts to help you work through areas associated with the Root Chakra and narrow down which you’d like to focus your energy upon

  • The Skill of Reframing your Thoughts into Positive Statements and Affirmations

  • Creating Your Own Affirmations Exercise

  • Daily Planner Pages focused on the Root Chakra

  • 27 Done for You Positive Affirmation Cards – Printable Cards for Card Deck

  • 3 Unique Designs [1 design per page, which = 9 cards] or 27 “backs” for when Printing Your Affirmation, Chakra and Healing Crystal Cards related to the Root Chakra

  • Blank Printable Card Deck Template – Create Your Own Printable Card Deck with Your Own Root Chakra Affirmations

25 Pages – Sized for US Letter at 8.5 by 11 – Fully Customizable Canva Templates

Recommended to Print Cards on Card Stock



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