Marketing and Affiliate Sales Tracker Set

Marketing and Affiliate Sales Tracker Set


How are your marketing efforts paying off?

This Spreadsheet System provides you with a summary of your  "Business Efforts At-A-Glance"....

All the formulas, the math..........all configured for you.....

It's Important to Stay On Top of Your Business and Your Business Efforts....

Our Businesses are made up of sales......... and revenue generated through our marketing efforts, for sure.

WIth This Tracker Set, you will Easily Be able to really see your business.... at a glance....

1. Track sales you have made by promoting affiliate offers

2. Track sales your affiliates have made by promoting your products to their audiences

3. Track sales that you, yourself have made - through your efforts alone, without affiliate support

Make your Business Decisions BASED ON DATA!!! 

BONUS: When you purchase this item, you will also receive a FREE additional Google Spreadsheet to help you keep track of Affiiates!!

This BONUS FREE tracker includes name, website, email address, general affiliate link and additional space to add information related to promotions and products...

NOTE: ADDITIONAL VIDEO TRAININGS also included with Purchase!!

Tips and Tricks to get you going quickly with these spreadsheets so you can start tracking your business efforts today!

GET YOURS TODAY FOR JUST $27.00!  (*PRICE going up to $47 after this launch period!!)


Please note this product is for Personal Use Only!! 


"Finally!  This product is exaclty what I needed, although I didn't know that until I found it.  I already have all my affiliate programs and campaigns organized on a project software, however, it was missing a template to easily keep on track and get an overview of my commissions.  It is easy to get lost in front of so many affiliate programs.  Each one has its own rules in terms of percentage and the date they pay the commissions.  But Melanie came as a life-saver!  

Her spreadsheets save me so much time and give me more peace of mind to focus on the other parts of my business.  Thank you so much Melanie for bringing to light these precious spreadsheeets.  You ROCK!  Cynthia from Soulful Business | Soulful PLR


Testimonial #2:

It is not difficult to find resources that give you tips on affiliate marketing, However, with all your affiliate campaigns running, the question is - how are you keeping track of all your campaigns' successes (or failures)?  I have never been an excel/google sheet person because I'm not good with the techy side of things.  This is why I was so amazed when Melanie released this set of awesome Business Tracking Spreadsheets!   This best part is, she has included a video walk through to show you exactly how to make use of these spreadsheets so that you can now have an organized system to keep track o fall your affiliate promotion campaigns as well as the results of your marketing efforts.  It's going to be a breeze whether you are using these templates yourself or getting your VA to help you with the records.  Definitely a MUST-HAVE tool for all small business owners!  Faith Lee - Faith's Biz Academy 



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