Business Tracking Pack In Google Sheets

Business Tracking Pack In Google Sheets

This is a Business Organization Spreadsheet Pack....

Let me explain......

This is the exact same system I use for my business and it helps me stay organized! 

Remember that old saying "A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place"? 


4 Google Spreadsheets broken down as follows:

1. Track all the Courses, Groups, Trainings you have in your personal library - ALL IN ONE PLACE! The name, URL, Sign in information, Username, PW Hint, Support address

2. All your product links in ONE SPOT!! We spend a lot of time creating links for our products.  This helps you keep them ALL organized and together at your fingertips (e.g., Etsy, Shopify, Canva Templates, PDFs, SW3, Google Link, KDP....EVEN your Website and Store Policies!

3. Memberships, Groups - Zoom or other live class links and Replay links!! 

4. Bundle and other promotional submission documents.  All in one spot!! 

Personal Use, Immediate Access and VIDEO WALKTHROUGH OF EACH SHEET!!

ONLY $17!! (That's less than 5 bucks per spreadsheet & represents a savings of $10 off!!) 



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