4-Pack - Anger & Bujo Design Anger Journal Pack

4-Pack - Anger & Bujo Design Anger Journal Pack


What’s Included?? Fully Customizable Canva Templates US Letter Sized at 8.5 by 11 inches 

Total of 4 Products Included:

  • 5 Minute Mindset Guided Journal 
  • Grownup Milestones
  • Pinterest Pins and 
  • Square Product Mockups / Sales Promos

Page Descriptions for the Anger Guided Journals

  • Cover Page – Neutral Minimalistic Design with Anger Guided Journal Text – The first Journal has an Anger Eyes/Eyebrows image and the Second more Bujo Journal has Conversation Bubbles in a more relaxed comic style
  • Note that both Journals have the same information inside the 15 pages of each – just different design styled pages to suit a wider range of customer preferences.
  • Two Pages dedicated to Categories that Make me Angry or Frustrated (Triggers) – the first page has prompts for common trigger areas while the second page is blank for you and your customers to fill in the Categories
  • “Let’s get it out of our Systems” page – black page prompting you to write out, list out, draw out your Pet Peeves
  • The next two pages are dedicated to taking the categories and merging common ones together to create larger themes in order to Work Through This – the Prompts advise to work through this by breaking things down into themes or more basic overall categories that impact us most – and then some quick lists or bullets of some things that can happen to trigger these feelings of anger, or frustration, etc.
  • How to Respond to Triggers Step By Step page – this is a page with 5 step by step processes to help you work through – find the root, and describe how things make you feel in a way to best help you to ask, “how can I handle this better next time?”
  • Pages devoted to prompting you to “Write it Out” and use examples of some of your anger/frustration triggers and work through the 5 steps outlined on the previous page
  • Then there is a page titled “Strategize”.  Here you work through things you want to change about how you react and work through some calming or coping skills – things you could use instead.
  • The last page is an Anger & Frustration Tracker

See Flip Books Below for a Closer Look at the Pages, Pins and Square Mockups



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