4-Pack - Bujo Intentions & The Mini's

4-Pack - Bujo Intentions & The Mini's

4 Pack – Bujo Goals & Intentions Planner and the Mini’s

What’s Included?? Fully Customizable Canva Templates US Letter Sized at 8.5 by 11 inches 

Total of 4 Products Included:

  • Bujo Goals & Intentions Planner – comes with PLR rights
  • The “Mini’s” – Some favorite Planner pages designed in card deck size (9 per page), designed to print on card stock or heavier paper and keep in wallet, purse, pocket, on your desk – A totally portable and mini way to keep your favorite planner pages with you and ready to use – Comes with PLR
  • Pinterest Pins and 
  • Square Product Mockups / Sales Promos with Personal Use Rights


Page Descriptions for the Bujo Goals & Intentions Planner

  • Cover Page decorated in taupe and beige tones with a little dark olive green – larger symbols and shapes (lined circle, rectangles, dashes and dots)
  • Monthly Undated Calendar Pages (12 pages)
  • Setting Intentions and Goals Page with two lists and prompts
  • Weekly Planner page
  • Mindful Reflections Page – includes space for things you are grateful for, victories, things you learned, things that went well, self-care, I choose to feel, good habits, focus and what you feel inspired by
  • 5 creative and unique Bujo style planner pages – different designs and writing space (x 5 pages)
  • 21 Total Pages (Including the 12 blank monthly calendar pages)

Page Descriptions for the “Mini’s” – Mini versions of favorite planner type pages designed and sized to fit 9 to a page (card deck size) for portability and access

  • Undated Monthly Calendar Pages x 2 pages with different designs
  • Lined pages on page 3 – in addition to the last 3 monthly calendar mini’s
  • Today’s Schedule – hourly lines from 6am to 9pm
  • List page – with circles to color or check off when completed
  • List page – different version with square boxes
  • Morning and Day Time Routine: 4 lines for writing and a blank monthly calendar to check off progress
  • Mood tracker with space to create your own color key
  • Weekly Water intake tracker – tracker for 7 days
  • Page with each of the above listed pages together – on one page (all)
  • Card deck template with 9 card design – First page gold frames with green leaves – to print as card backs
  • Blank deck templates to design additional back page choices x 4

See Flip Books Below for a Closer Look at the Pages, Pins and Square Mockups



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