4-Pack - Money Manifesting & Finance

4-Pack - Money Manifesting & Finance

4 Pack – Money Manifestations and Affirmations Planner and Finance Tracker Planner

What’s Included?? Fully Customizable Canva Templates US Letter Sized at 8.5 by 11 inches 

Total of 4 Products Included:

  • Money Manifestation and Affirmation Planner with PLR
  • Finance Tracker Planner with PLR
  • Pinterest Pins and 
  • Square Product Mockups / Sales Promos - Personal Use


Page Descriptions for the Money Manifestation and Affirmations Planner Workbook

  • Cover Page decorated in a zen green color with dollar signs in various patterns
  • Daydream listing exercise – 4 sections on the page asking questions to help you get clear on job/career, house/home, debt and savings dreams and goals
  • Daydream listing exercise – page 2 with categories for relationships, décor, yard/garden, and vehicle and then page 3 with school/kids, vacations, helping others and what else?
  • Blank checks from the Universe
  • Money thoughts and beliefs workbook page asking questions to open thoughts/desires
  • Get the Negatives out – exercise/workbook page
  • Positive Language Exercise – 2 pages
  • Page to organize results of positive language exercises
  • Page to create and list out your personal money manifestations resulting from the workbook exercises
  • 10-Week Money Manifestation Habit Tracker
  • 27 money affirmations on card deck printable size of 9 per sheet
  • Blank card deck page – 9 per sheet – to create your own personal card deck of your own money affirmations
  • 16 pages

Page Descriptions for the Finance Planner / Tracker

  • Cover page decorated in blues with dollar signs throughout pattern
  • “Where Does the Money Go Every Month?” – pre filled with 37 common categories
  • Same page as before without the pre-filled 37 categories – write in your own categories
  • Same “Where does the money go every month” page with wider lines (choose your preference)
  • Additional Spending Categories and Special Dates (e.g., Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc)
  • Track the Debt page x 2.  4 sections per page to record debt, balance, notes, date, & payment..
  • Subscriptions tracker – by month or quarter or year – plus boxes to keep or cancel
  • Subscriptions tracker – same as above but with wider spaced lined
  • Subscriptions & Memberships (x 2 pages) – track number, customer service number, mailing address, email address
  • Account Info for Bills and Payments – track name, account number, customer service number, mailing and email address (x 2 pages)
  • Savings Goal page with space for 5 different savings goals
  • 10-week Habit Tracker – create your own key

See Flip Books Below for a Closer Look at the Pages, Pins and Square Mockups



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