4-Pack - Resolutions Planning

4-Pack - Resolutions Planning

4 Pack – Resolutions Planners

What’s Included?? Fully Customizable Canva Templates US Letter Sized at 8.5 by 11 inches 

Total of 4 Products Included:

  • Resolutions Planner – Version 1 with PLR
  • Resolutions Planner/Journal – Version 2 with PLR
  • Pinterest Pins and
  • Square Product Mockups / Sales Promos with Personal Use


Page Descriptions for the Resolutions Planner – Version 1

This Resolutions Planner has one page per Resolution – with each page set up using graphics/clip art with a short narrative – making tracking resolution progress throughout the year a little funner!

  • Create and Practice Personal Boundaries
  • Money Saving Sheet – write in your own dollar amounts and save it! *Note there are two versions of this page – one with the boxes all lined up nice and neat and one with them with a little looser pattern
  • Minus Inches and Pounds – edit scale and inches lost wins into common household items (e.g., instead of “1 lost a pound”, look at a pound of butter and visualize that amount of weight loss
  • Read! Many have goals to read more, for business and leisure – this way you can track it (also two versions of this page – 1 with the book icons lined up and one with a looser pattern of book icons)
  • Send some love via handwritten letters and cards tracking
  • Get Organized! Just one project a month (more than that is just bonus!)
  • Declutter and Donate! A once-a-month project (two versions of this page too – different pattern of icons)
  • Water drinking challenge yearly tracker
  • Hobbies / Leisure
  • Monthly Summary Page – in case you want to just have one sheet per month, all the icons and labels are on this page all together in smaller version
  • 13 pages – 10 original and 3 of alternate options as listed above

Page Descriptions for the Resolutions Tracker Version 2 –

This version of the tracker has the same categories as Version 1, but in more of a narrative planner or journal style – with less color, more minimalistic

See Flip Books Below for a Closer Look at the Pages, Pins and Square Mockups



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