Party Planner: Tropical and Muted Versions

Party Planner: Tropical and Muted Versions


TWO VERSIONS of the 35 Pages Designed to Plan Every Last Detail of Your Next Party or Event!! Taking the Stress Out of Party Planning – One Page at a Time!

  • Date, Time, Location, Theme
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Lists for supplies, food & beverage, decorations, games, activities, to-do’s with timelines (ex: now, 1 week prior, day before…)
  • Guest list, RSVP status
  • “the Math” helps you figure out how many people x which supply! and the budget sheets help keep you on track
  • Vendor Contact List to help you comparison shop
  • ,Delegating List (my personal favorite!) – who can help you and what help can they offer you? Help set up? Pick up the balloons? Decorate? Dog sit? 
  • Places for notes, thoughts, and prep space for thinking through contingency plans “just in case” something doesn’t go right…..

So many things to consider when planning a party.  This is the perfect way to organize, prep, plan, and have all the party information in ONE SPOT! 

Save time, budget to save money, delegate tasks (who’s doing what, bringing what, picking up what?? etc)

There’s even pages dedicated to back up planning should things go wrong on the actual party day!…. ex: rain, someone who was helping with set up becomes ill, certain supplies didn’t arrive in time, who is going to baby sit? Dog sit?

Planning and getting it all thought out and written down helps decrease feelings of overwhelm and stress, as well as helps with time management so on party day, you can enjoy it~

8.5 by 11-inch US Letter Sized Canva Templates – FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE



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