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Have You Had a Chance to Check Out Club Pin?? 4 Value Packed Monthly Products To Help You Save Time & Grow Your Business....... at a SUPER POCKET-FRIENDLY PRICE!!!!


Helping Business Owners & Online Sellers Save Time & Expand Marketing Efforts Through the Delivery of High Quality PLR Products &  Materials! Monthly Delivery of TWO Brand New PLR Products + Pinterest Pins + Square Mockups + A Library of Canva Customization Tutorial

What You'll Be Getting This Month!


  • Save Time?
  • Save Money
  • Avoid the stress and overwhelm that comes with having to do all things in your business, all-the-time?
  • Do You Want to have a new PLR product created and done-for-you every month? 
  • Do You Want to be able to quickly and easily post your products in your online shop with awesome product mock ups?  
  • Do You Want to have fresh and beautifully designed  Pinterest Pins so you can post on Pinterest in Minutes?
  • Do You Want access to a library of Canva Tech and Customization tutorials so you can improve your design skills?

If you answered “YES” to any or all of those questions, then you, are not alone!  

Sometimes we have good intentions and we really want to do all the things to help grow our business….

And we all can understand and relate to life getting busy on us…..

Club Pin is an easy-peasy affordable solution at a super pocket friendly price! 

New Items delivered to your Membership area EVERY MONTH!

Come Join Us at CLUB PIN!

the whole caboodle!


TWO Brand New Printable Products with PLR!

Done-for-you Seasonal or Evergreen themed PLR Products. Edit, Re-brand, Sell as is, re-create....your choice!
Delivered to months ahead of the given season, so you can get them posted & ready for the search engines!
VALUE = $27.00+

8 Theme- Coordinated Pinterest Pin Templates

No more taking time out of your already busy schedule to worry about creating Pinterest Pins! Done-for-you Pin templates - Theme Coordinated to save you even more time!!

VALUE = $8.00++

8 Theme-Coordinated Square Product Mockups

Square Product Mockup Images sized at 2000px by 2000px. Ready to post in your shop, social media, blog post, etc!! Saving you time and getting you posting and adding to your shop super quickly!

VALUE = $8.00++

Plus, you will have access to an entire library of Canva Tech Tutorials for Customizing, Branding, and Editing Your Designs!!  VALUE = $100+++

For $10 Each month, CLUB PIN members will receive two versions of a PLR Printable Product, 8 (or more) Beautifully Designed Pins, Plus 8 (or more)Square Product Mockup Images!

Designed so you can easily & readily post & promote your Printables & Other Products on Pinterest, your Blog, in your online shop, and on Social Media!

Right now, it’s estimated that there are nearly 460 million Pinterest users every month, and that number is sure to keep growing….and growing……..and growing…..

Think of Pinterest as a Virtual Bulletin Board where you can “Pin” up your announcements, news, tips, products, blog posts, sales, etc.  Pinterest users search for what they want by typing into a search bar……… & then Pinterest provides them the search results in this Virtual Bulletin Board type of format, full of matching Pins with all kinds of info & different offers on them.   

For FREE, you can post your Pins with the goal of having them show up in the search results when customers come to Pinterest and type in their search (key word) terms into the search box.  How great is that?

Now imagine what this could do for your business even if you were able to tap into even just a fraction of Pinterest Users??

You’ll never know how much Pinterest can help promote and grow your business unless you start! And with Club Pin, each month you’ll get a new PLR Printable Product, along with the product mockup images and Pinterest Pins to help get you ready!  The Rest is up to YOU! 


This membership is for you if…

  • You want to save time and money by having a brand new and done-for-you package  delivered each and every month 
  •  You want professional & beautifully designed product mockup images to showcase your products in your shop or on social media
  • You want to create fresh Pins quickly and easily so you can post to Pinterest in just minutes 
  • You’re not sure which key words are good to use and would love to have that figured out for you
  • You’re interested in mastering the design features in Canva (did I mention there’s a library of tech/tutorial/customization for Canva inside the Club Pin membership?)
  • You’d love it if someone would just hook you up with a pocket friendly monthly subscription where you could get a new Printable PLR Product, with theme coordinated Pins and Mockups– along with some customization tutorials? (*PSST – Right here! Right Here!! Club Pin gives you all of that!!!!


This membership is what I like to call “The Whole Caboodle”, meaning it’s not just a PLR Product, or Pinterest Pin Templates or Square Product Mockup Templates or Canva Customization & How To Videos…. IT’S ALL OF THE M together…. a system, so to speak.  Just about everything you’d need to get a new Printable Product posted and ready for sale in your shop, for Social Media, and for Pinterest….. This is bringing the idea of “done-and-ready-for-you” to a whole new level of service.  And, at a super reasonable and pocket-friendly price of just $10.00 per month! Each and every month, you are going to receive the following:

  • TWO PLR Printable Products:  seasonal and adaptable to fit into just about any niche – fully customizable in Canva so you can add your URL, branding, edit the colors, text, duplicate pages (if you want)….use as a lead magnet, trip-wire offer, printable product in your online shop, to accompany a blog post, add to your email newsletters, and the list goes on..
  • Eight [8+]  Color and Themed matching Pinterest Pin Canva Templates…
  • Eight [8+] Color and Themed matching Square [2000px by 2000px] Product Mockups, also Canva Templates
  • A Library of Canva Tech and Template Customization Videos with topics such as brand colors, editing, adding images, creating additional templates by repurposing, and more!+\


  • Every month, you didn’t have to think about creating two brand new Printable Products…. How great would that be??
  • Every month, you had a brand new set of product mockup templates to help you be able to quickly and professionally post and promote your products? 
  • Every month, you had fresh, new, beautifully designed Pins to post and showcase your new Printable product on Pinterest??
  • You can also edit, re-brand, duplicate, make alternate copies of, and re-use all the content you receive each month – to create additional products, additional mockups and additional pins! (there’s training videos inside the Canva Tutorial library in your membership to show you how to do just that!!)
  • You had access to a library of tech tutorials and customization tips on Canva – available to you anytime, nicely organized inside your membership area…

You don't have to imagine anymore....Club Pin is here, open for enrollment, and waiting for YOU!


As a bonus when you join Club Pin, you'll also receive last month's products! (see below)


You will need to download the Canva templates by the end of each month.  At any given time, the current month and the previous month will be available to you on your member dashboard. As the new monthly products drop on the First of each month, the drop from two months prior is removed, and so on.


So on January 1st, January and December are available in your account, and November’s products are no longer there.  On February 1st, January and February are available in your account and December is no longer there, etc.

As a best practice, please download your templates during the current month they were received.  Once downloaded, they are yours to keep forever.   

Due to the Digital / Immediately accessible nature of the products delivered through this membership, we do not offer refunds.   However, I request that you email me at [email protected] if you are unhappy or not satisfied in any way as I would rather have the opportunity to work something out, that works for both of us.  I want you to love and look forward to the products each month in Club Pin and am here with any questions, concerns, or additional help and support you may need.   

At this time, the PLR Printable Product, Pins, & Square Product Mockups are all fully customizable Canva Templates.  The training library inside your membership is also based on tips, tricks, tech, all related to Canva.  It is possible that at some point in the future, I will expand this to offer additional options; however, at this time, the templates are all based in Canva.

Seasonal Content can be adapted to just about any niche, and can be a good strategy for your business growth and with Pinterest. It’s a great way to re-invent topics in your niche and make them relevant for each season. For example; a house-cleaning PLR product could be a “Fall” housecleaning or “Winter Prep” housecleaning, “Spring” housecleaning, etc…… A Goal Planner can be a “4th Quarter” Goal Planner, a Fall Goal Planner, Summer Goal Planner….. Self Care, Saving Money, Family Activities, etc….Just about any niche and product can be re-framed and easily re-adjusted to a Seasonal Planner. (*And each month, I’ll give you some tips on how to modify the PLR templates to fit different niches!!)

Club Pin will also provide Seasonal PLR Products 60 to 90 days ahead of the season. So for June’s Product, it will be based on FALL. The world of the internet (Ecommerce, Pinterest, Etsy, Shopify, etc…..) loves to search early for upcoming content, so it’s best to follow this as a good practice and get your products posted early!!!

Please feel free to email me at: [email protected]  I try my best to answer emails as quickly as I can and I do answer all emails personally. 

Not for you! Wait!……. that sounds cheesy… but it’s true.  The monthly membership price on the day you sign up is the monthly membership price you will pay – every month- for as long as you remain a current member and in good standing (meaning you pay your subscription to Club Pin every month).  You lock in your monthly price when you sign up to join Club Pin.  That means that even if the price increases in the future, it will not go up for YOU! The price you lock in today is the price you continue to pay. 

Ready to Create & Promote High Quality Products in Minutes?